Random walk through a spring day

So many bits and pieces floating through my mind today, I don’t think I can wrap them all up into a coherent story line. Take a walk with me…

Just got back from a successful conference I helped organize. Lots of good people who really work hard to help nurture and encourage our students. People are following up with me on my statistics talk – happy to know that anyone cares about such a dry topic, I tried to make it interesting and maybe succeeded.

A visit to the eye doctor to get progressive lenses… My vision is doubled at distance but normal close up, and it makes for a lot of putting on and taking off of glasses. This should help me keep them on more/all of the time, which is what I really need to be doing. At least i have some I like and look good.

Such a beautiful day – seems more like summer than spring. The doors have been open for a couple days and the cat is luxuriating in her freedom. It’s tempting to run out and plant herbs but I know it’s too early. Fickle spring in the Pacific Northwest will freeze them!

In the meantime I have a long drive to Portland for a business meeting tomorrow, to defend some work I’ve been doing for 9 years. This is one of the projects that’s been lingering on, delaying my transition to full-time mediation. Wish me luck…

And in the back of my mind, still wondering why all, ALL the men I meet that I really like are married. And they’re interested in me too, which is disconcerting. This is a pattern that’s been going on for years. The only man I’ve met lately that’s actually single and interesting lives such a busy life that i finally had to tell him he doesn’t have time for a relationship.

Meanwhile, the only other person I’m interested in is probably straight, female, and a client. It’s like if I made a map of my personal life it would have all kinds of areas marked with “Here there be Dragonnes”. Searching for dry land and trying not to fall off the edge…

One of my closest friends seems seriously unhappy. I wish I could help, but he’s not really letting me.

Daydreaming constantly about Puerto Vallarta and other places far away. They keep sending me coupons for long stays at really low prices; they must be hurting from the recession too. I’m going to have to give in soon – but meanwhile, the Reader’s Studio is coming up! A little escape to occupy my mind and a good place to do some serious thinking and tarot reading.

OK – that’s probably enough meandering for one night. Shall I entertain myself with a favorite movie? I’ve seen “Waitress” three times now and I’m not getting tired of it :)


One thought on “Random walk through a spring day

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