The Power of Silence

I’m packing to head off the Reader’s Studio – an annual get-together of tarot professionals, readers, authors, deck creators, artists, and more. I can’t wait to get there. It’s going to be such a fun break from work as it’s been lately – an endless string of controversies, conference calls, angry public comments, conflicts, spreadsheets ad infinitum, document reviews, and, well, yuck. I can’t wait to get on that plane and just curl up with my Kindle and puzzle book :D I really thought about completely leaving my laptop behind this time, but since I’m taking most of next week off too, that just isn’t… in the cards.

One of the neat things about this conference is a pre-conference workshop Thursday evening called The Power of Silence. We have no idea what it’s going to be about, but the title was intriguing enough that I had to sign up for it. I’ve been thinking about what it might mean…

Could be, given the nature of the conference, that it’s all about silencing the noise of everyday life (see above) to be more in touch with your own intuition, the greater Universe, and the people you’re working with.

Could be that it’s about going within oneself with no particular purpose, simply to explore and see what there is to find, to better know oneself and take the time for inner personal reflection and growth. I don’t know how many of us consciously take time out for this in life.

Could be that it’s about observation, being in the now, and being silent so as to better see and experience what is going on around you, and what life has to offer.

Could be that it’s a tool, such as is often used in mediation, to allow one’s client the time to reflect and speak for herself, and for you, as the reader, to not impose your own views. This will be a useful reminder for me in many ways.

Could be that it’s more esoteric than all of these, that it links to the four principles of Western Mysticism – To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent. Keeping silent being often associated with the High Priestess and the knowledge behind the veil, the collective unconscious.

Now it’s time for me to Keep Silent and make my way to New York :) See you, my friends, soon!


One thought on “The Power of Silence

  1. nanette says:

    Just wondering what it turned out to be? I only did one Reader’s Studio, and found it interesting as far as the talks went, but sadly disappointing as far as social interaction. Being an introvert I suppose it was, as usual, my lack of social skills, but I felt very much the outsider at an old boy’s club, and all my attempts to carefully initiate some sort of contact were quickly and slickly avoided. Sigh. the gathering of really interesting people is, otherwise , very tempting. But boring evenings in a hotel are not. However , the chance to hear you present would be a temptation to invest again.

    I digress- how was the Silence?

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