Happiness is…

It’s a good week when…

– I get to visit with my family (including far-away relatives) and two of my best friends all in one week
– I received cool new bird and mammal guides to New Zealand and Antartica allowing me to further daydream about my upcoming vacation (even if it is 6 months away)
– The local potter called to say she made the salad bowl I asked her to make months and months ago in my favorite color and design and was not sure when/if she’d get around to it (I bump into her at the farmer’s market and have a bunch of her other stuff, and didn’t want to rush it)
– The weather is alternatively warm and lovely and rainy, and things are growing well in the garden – my first peppers and broccoli appearing
– I got a new netbook to play with that is tiny and will be so much more reasonable to carry on trips, just in time for my upcoming week at Hanford
– I get lots of work done, some of it even fun, but it’s really the last thing on my mind
– I lost a few pounds and someone noticed :)


One thought on “Happiness is…

  1. flit says:

    Yay! Sounds like you’re in the flow. :)

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