That travel bug

I’ve been reading Eat, Pray, Love … finally. Probably everyone else has read it already, but it was given to me a while ago by a friend and I just now got around to it. It might have been the “pray” part – I wasn’t sure what that meant. But I was immediately captivated by the author’s writing style, her ability to comment on and analyze herself, and her observations of other cultures. Even the praying part was acceptable and interesting!

Not to mention that her life story, as told in this book, is arguably very similar to my recent story, which is no doubt why my friend thought of it for me. I too had the divorce, the mad love affair, the bouts of depression and the ultimate need for independence and finding myself, perhaps recreating myself, out of the broken pieces. Not quite as dramatically (I hope) but then, she is a writer ;)

Reading it, though, definitely raised that old travel bug in me. And not just any travel bug, but the need to actually live in other cultures, be a real part of the place you’re visiting. She spends 4 months each in Italy, India, and Bali. I was relieved to read that Italy actually has changed toward female tourists since I was there last, public displays of groping, stalking, and otherwise excessive behavior no longer quite as intolerable as before. Maybe I’ll decide to visit now :)

The idea of just picking up, going to a new country, finding a place to live and staying there a while really appeals to me. After a while, choosing a new destination and living there for a while, all the while supporting myself with online work that has now grown to the point that I could easily support myself most of the places I would choose to visit. The ultimate fantasy would be to have someone to do this with, which would both increase the pleasure and decrease the cost. I’d probably do it either way, though. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you have to live your life and not wait for the perfect set of circumstances.

It’s been so hot in my house recently, and working at home makes it doubly hard. I’ve been thinking about getting a heat pump. But always in the back of my mind there’s that thought that I really won’t be here long and shouldn’t make any more expensive renovations than I already have. I’ll stay as long as my grandfather is alive, that much is certain. And perhaps it would make sense to keep the house and rent it while I’m doing whatever I’m doing wherever in the world – that way I’ll have a place to come back to should I ever need it, or just want to rest from my travels. In which case, I should buy that heat pump. Besides, who knows what the future will bring. At least I’ll have a cool house!


2 thoughts on “That travel bug

  1. Mike says:

    I have seen approximately a 50% reduction in my heating bills since purchasing a heat pump. I haven’t calculated exactly how much more I’m paying for electricity, but it doesn’t seem significant. In the summer, it is of course a wonderful thing to have on hot days and very quickly cools the house down when our discomfort overcomes our thriftiness! ;-)

    If you rent your house, your renters will appreciate it. If you sell, your buyers will. It adds to the value of your house, either way.

    I am not burning as much fossil fuel to heat my house. Another plus, in my estimation.

    The drawbacks- and there are some- are minor. As this will be a retrofit, you will need to find a spot to place it and that will not necessarily be where your heater is, or your breaker box. So either you will need to run tubing or electrical conduit or both to where the heat pump is. Easier if you have a crawl space, and it won’t mar the external appearance of your house as much.

    It will make noise- mostly caused by the large fan in the unit. Don’t put it too close to your neighbor’s house or they may not appreciate it. An alternative may be to purchase a compact unit that is quieter, if your house isn’t too large for the compact units on the market.

    Annual service is a good idea, they will probably recommend it and the warranty may require it.

    Suggest you call your local gas utility and talk to them about scheduling an appointment. That much is easy and free and they should do an economic analysis for you. The unit will pay for itself over a few years. Not cheap, but a good thing you can do for the planet that is a almost a no-brainer, economically speaking. More so than solar electric, for sure.


  2. coppermoon says:

    “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that you have to live your life and not wait for the perfect set of circumstances.”

    Absolutely true! You’re so lucky you’ve learned this at such a young age.
    I think there is great freedom in living in another culture – you find out who you really are. I’d also definitely recommend keeping the house, heat pump or no but from where I sit, the most important thing is to live this dream.

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