My latest publishing project – Tarotmoon Press

You’ve probably all seen it by now, but just in case… :) this is what has been keeping me too busy to blog lately: Tarotmoon Press. Tarotmoon Press is an experiment in self-publishing, like freeware for tarot and astrology books, course materials, and other writings. I’ve enjoyed working with Llewellyn in publishing past books, but I got interested in having a creative-commons type website for all kinds of writings astrology and tarot-related, including articles and resources for tarot readers, original spreads, course materials, and books in progress. Many of these have never been published on my website and I will be uploading them over the next couple of months. I’ll be sending updates through an RSS feed if you feel like subscribing, along with blogging more about tarot. This is part of a transition in progress away from doing online readings and toward doing more teaching, writing, and other online activities. Hopefully it will encourage me to finish that book that’s almost done, and keep making more steady writing progress. I just added a really fun 10-week online set of course materials we used one year to study the four elements in life and tarot – one of the most rewarding classes I ever taught.


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