Getting to Zihuatanejo

For a series of three flights overnight through LAX and Mexico City, it really wasn’t a bad trip – everything went smoothly. I had a moment of fear when my bags didn’t show up in Mexico City to take them through customs, but for some reason, they booked them through to Zihua to go through customs there. Thankfully someone else had already asked and received the answer!

I upgraded to first class on the LAX to Mexico City part – my latest strategy to avoid crowds of potentially flu-carrying passengers right at the beginning of a vacation – and comfortable for the overnight flight. It’s a good thing I got to LAX early… Aeromexico was crowded with large families bringing everything imaginable back home, including flat-screen TVs and other electronics. I’m not sure why the economics of that would make sense, but who knows.

Flying into Zihuatanejo, I revived at the sight of jungle-covered steep hillsides, just what I had been hoping for. I spotted a large lagoon and other likely bird-watching sites from the air, and confirmed with the local taxi/everything-coordinator at the airport that these are in fact reachable and birdable with a little bit of planning.

The condos are really beautiful – the whole complex made of dark wood and stucco painted soothing colors – sage green and terracotta – and lush green plants everywhere. Each room has its own generously sized terrace, and the larger rooms have their own little minipools from which you can gaze out over the gorgeous bay. Zihua is the less developed of the two areas here, Ixtapa the more touristy. My room looks out over the central bay, a rocky island with lots of birds, and a marina, with waves breaking on the shoreline as a backdrop.

It’s definitely monsoon season here. I think I was expecting it to be almost over by now, perhaps based on Puerto Vallarta weather – but this is much more tropical. At least I’ve been through that once and have some idea what to do and expect. There are showers in the morning, then it is hot and humid all day, followed by cooling in the late afternoon, and drenching rains and thunder/lightning storms in the evening, making for an interesting dinner spectacle. I really should have bought some of those new clothes that can get soaked and 5 minutes later are dry – something to do when I get back. I tend to favor natural fabrics like cotton and hemp, which are exactly wrong for this.

I arrived mid-morning, showered, and spent the rest of the day variously studying a new I Ching text and napping. A more perfect and restful day would be hard to imagine. Plus a little bit of birdwatching – I’ve been trying to determine whether I would need to wear glasses with my binoculars now that I’m wearing them for distance vision, which is a little bit crossed in my case. It appears that my binoculars may be correcting for that, which would be a big relief. I’ll test it out further later in the week.

Oh, and the food is excellent. Which certainly is not the case at all of these condo resorts, especially those with meal plans. Lots of regional Mexican specialties tastefully and creatively presented – enough to keep this foodie interested and coming back for more :)


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