Impressive bird shots

Generally speaking, my camera wasn’t really up to taking pictures of birds, with the exception of the brazen Keas below. I just had a little autofocus point-and-shoot, which couldn’t take pictures fast enough or close enough to be of much use. A few posts ago you may notice some of my fellow travelers having much better cameras than mine – and on the pelagic trips there were some truly impressive lenses, including some several feet long that I’m not sure how they were managing to lift, much less hold steady. Below is one of my favorites, generously shared by Don Reinberg – a Buller’s Albatross (Southern), a truly huge bird with a 6-7 foot wingspan:

The New Zealand bird book is about 2/3 seabirds or shorebirds or some form of water-birds. Hence subjecting ourselves to all the trips to sea :) You can see some fabulous bird shots from our first trip (as well as another account of the pelagic trip from hell) on Mark Rauzon’s website, as well as very good photos of the very special endemic land birds we saw (in that case, not on the same day, but at the same places). Photos are still being passed around, if I get any other good ones I’ll post them here.


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