Spring Tarot Classes

cups-seer.jpgJust wanted to mention the two tarot classes I will be teaching this spring – for more information and sign-ups, see the course description page on TarotMoon. I’m particularly looking forward to the Ethics class, as that is a new one that I haven’t seen anywhere. Hoping for lots of lively debate!

* Court CardsBeginning/Intermediate – 8 weeks (Mar 16 – May 11, 2007). Get to know the court cards like never before – this course is designed to introduce the reader to this difficult group of cards from a wide variety of unique and in-depth perspectives. We will explore their personalities (good, bad, and …), elemental, psychological, and astrological qualities, address gender issues, experiment with significators, play with body language, and learn how to tell if a given court card represents the querant, someone else, or not a person at all. Meet the court cards disguised as approaches, professions, occupations, institutions, activities, animals, and more.

* Ethical Issues in Tarot ReadingAll levels – 4 weeks (April 2007). This is a short course focusing on ethical issues in tarot reading that may arise when reading for the public. The course does not teach or promote a particular approach to ethics, but rather provides a forum for exploring the issues and assisting each reader to discover his or her boundaries and develop a personal code of ethics.