Impressions of the Aquarius Full Moon

Last night I was driving home at 1am, watching the full moon hanging over the night sky at the end of a long, very hot day. The heat wave makes everyone a little crazy to start with, and an Aquarius full moon can result in all kinds of unexpected strangeness.

Soon the night sky was lit up with lightning, flashes and sheet lightning. Police and ambulances were out in force, all the more noticeable in the middle of the night traffic. Everywhere I looked, flashing red and blue lights kept me focused on careful driving.

Awakened at 4am by thunder and my cat meowing piteously at the door, frightened by the strangeness of the weather and upset already that I had been gone all day and was now ignoring her. I got up sleepily and we had some calming time on the couch. The moon moved into Pisces and all was quiet…

It’s still very hot.


Meanderings on a Blue Moon

Disclaimer: There’s a reason this entry is included in the Random Walk category… :)

Tonight I was driving home from Seattle, having just visited one of my oldest friends who has been living in London and was in town visiting. We had stayed up half the night, and it was past midnight when I hit the freeways heading home. It’s just a couple days past the full moon and it was nothing like the Blue Moon it was supposed to be. Instead, it was orange, hazy, and bisected with blackish horizontal clouds. The overall effect was misshapen and distorted, pieces separated from the whole and offset strangely.

It is quite unsettling when celestial bodies don’t look like themselves. I could just imagine villagers centuries ago huddling around the village square, muttering about dark portents and omens. I found myself continually checking the moon on the drive home to see if it had changed. It did change, but not necessarily to anything more reassuring.

In a strange segue from the past into the future, it occurred to me to wish that I could snap a photo of it for this blog, so you could all see what I was writing about. I had the random thought that maybe someday that will be possible – with a blink of an eyelid we’ll be able to take a quick photo, later to be downloaded into a computer. My mind seems to work that way already, it’s just a matter of technology catching up. I’m the one that always comes back from vacations without any photos, because I’ve stored all the images in my mind and they’re perfectly good that way.

And then there’s the fact that this Blue Moon isn’t even a Blue Moon for everyone, which makes it just a little bit stranger. One friend in a group of close e-mail friends had the idea of doing a goal-setting event, since folklore says that a Blue Moon is a good time to set your intentions in action. Since a Blue Moon only occurs once every 2+ years (it’s the second full moon in a month), she asked us to state our goals and intentions, and she would remind us again on the next Blue Moon.

The problem is, this one is occurring on the last day of the month. On the west coast of North America, it was around 6pm – on the east coast, 9pm. For our friends in Europe, it wouldn’t be until the morning – which would be June, not May. For them, the Blue Moon would be the second moon in June, offset from the rest of us by a month. All well and good and natural from an astronomical point of view, except we like to do things together.

Ah well, it’s not like we haven’t bent the space-time continuum before ;) We’ll be together, even if we’re not.

3rd Quarter Moon in Leo

wands-2.jpg It’s the third quarter moon, which is a good time to make any final adjustments needed to close out all that has been going on. I won’t be the least bit sorry to see this moon cycle go. Leo is a fairly upbeat moon, and for once the Cancer moon didn’t affect me that much. A good sign that I may have finally let go of past pain and am moving on. It’s been a strange month though, relationship ending coupled with drenching downpours of rain. Let’s see what the Wheel of Change suggests I do in terms of any course corrections needed before I can let go of the whole thing.

Two of Wands, reversed. Wow. It’s odd, but I was thinking of this exact card earlier this morning. Once in a while that happens – I’ll see the card I’m about to draw. Not often, but when I do see a card, I usually draw it. This card is very reminiscent of fall with its gorgeous autumn leaves, and even though it feels like we’re a little past fall, it’s also appropriate for the fiery Leo moon – Two being the number of the Moon and Wands the suit of Fire. Two salamanders walk side-by-side on a carpet of leaves, suspended in a starry sky.

This makes me think of the man I am parted from, and the fire we shared, current circumstances certainly suggesting a reversal in our relationship – no longer traveling side-by-side through the stars and the autumn leaves. I’m not sure what this suggests I do about it, except that the waning moon is always about letting go, letting things dissolve in the cycles of time. Perhaps it’s just a reminder (as if I didn’t know) that I’m not fully over this and I need to give it more time to process. There’s still a question about “should I stay or should I go” – waiting or leaving this all behind – that’s so fundamentally a part of the Two of Wands.

There’s a duality here – a sense of cycles, that although we’re apart now, perhaps some future time will come around when we are together again. At the same time, there is a need to move forward that counting on that cycle wouldn’t help. Lately I’ve been thinking about the concept of dual realities, and here I am being asked again to keep my heart open to possibilities, while still letting go of needing those same possibilities. Ah well, it’s a beautiful card, anyway :)

Full Moon in Taurus – Emotional Stability

moon.jpgThankfully we’re past that Aries moon, and are now into Taurus. I have received a phone call about the situation that has been paining me so greatly, and while things haven’t changed all that much, I understand them much better and am much happier about life. Sometimes just knowing that you’re cared for and that there’s hope for the future eases all kinds of other circumstances. Meanwhile, I can go about my life without all the emotional turmoil that’s attended it for the last year or so and take a break from the whole situation. Maybe even do a little bit of that partying predicted for my winter months :)

I’ll need all of Taurus’ stability and practicality as I head into the coming week, as I have a full-day deposition scheduled for Friday, in which I get to be videotaped while a bunch of industry lawyers try to pick my expert testimony to pieces. I can hardly wait! At least the full moon was beautiful last night, as always, with clouds racing across its face in true autumn fashion.

Ouch – nearly Full Moon in Aries

0-druidcraft-fool.jpgAt the beginning of this moon cycle, the New Moon was on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio, an interesting time for relationships and their dynamics. At that time I received the reversed Fool from the tarot for this cycle, which did not bode particularly well. Now that the moon has moved almost full into Aries, the emotional needs of the individual outweigh that of the relationship – which I found out last night, as my dreams and hopes for the last several years were dashed.

So now I’m the Fool, having blithely stepped off the cliff, lying broken on the rocks below with all those dreams lying shattered around me. I trusted in this one, and lost. Foolishly, I still have hope, but for now, there’s nowhere to go but up. Weirdly, when I asked about the winter in general – the Fool came up again, upright (see post before this). Just yesterday in fact, when all this was happening, yet unbeknownst to me. And I’ve had other cards suggesting happy endings and better times ahead, which at this moment, is hard to understand.

I just don’t know. Maybe I’m supposed to pick myself up and trust again. Or pick myself up and walk down some completely new path, that will work out even better than I had hoped. I don’t know what the answer is, but for now I’m just focusing on eating and sleeping and getting through the day. Maybe I’ll go out and muck out my pond for the winter… why does that seem appropriate? Cleansing the deep waters.

New Moon in Libra/Scorpio


The dark moon has been in Libra, and stayed there just a bit before transiting to the New Moon in Scorpio. This seems like a good time to draw a tarot card for the month, as this would be a time when the seed of a new relationship is planted. Indeed something like that is going on in my life, for which both Libra and Scorpio are eminently appropriate – issues of love, relationships, secrets, sex, harmony, power balance and beauty all entwined together. More than that you need not know :)

Ahh… the Fool, reversed. A false start? Chasing after a butterfly that looks beautiful but is really just ephemeral and without substance? Stepping off that cliff to find out there’s no safety net after all, maybe, and the laws of gravity really do apply. Starting down a new road for sure, but maybe better not to do it naively (what’s that expression – getting led down the garden path?). Possibly a new beginning that isn’t really begun yet, just appears that way. Conscious deliberation needed, rather than blind faith and trust.

The light of the moon is still very dark, and things may not be what they seem. The path is not clear ahead. Watch for pitfalls born of naivete. Wait and see how things look in the light of day. All of these come to mind.

Hmm. Should be an interesting month!

Moon lost and wandering – void, of course

As you can tell, I’m a little bit fascinated by the Moon :) I even have a little program that sits in my taskbar and tells me the phase and sign the moon is in, called Lunabar. It also tells me when the moon is void of course – that period of time when the moon is no longer making aspects to other planets before it moves into a new sign. It’s not considered a good time to make decisions, kind of an aimless, useless period.

Lately, every time I sit down at the computer, Lunabar tells me the Moon is void of course. Of course it’s not, really (at least I don’t think so). I just have to wonder what kind of message the Universe is sending me – I’m experiencing emotional aimlessness??

At the moment, the moon is in Cancer, which is not my favorite sign for the moon. It just amplifies all its emotional qualities and mood swings. If there’s anything to cry about, I’ll be crying. In fact, sometimes that’s how I KNOW it’s in Cancer, if I’m crying for no reason or over-reacting. So I suppose it’s just as well that my subconscious at least thinks it’s void of course. I’ll have to fix this before it goes into Leo, though :D