Grateful for ginger tea

Lately, Joanna and others have been keeping the gratitude theme alive, which is continually good for all of us. Life can be difficult, and I’ve really been feeling it lately. For days, I’ve been having to work with migraines, as my schedule just does not allow time off this month. It’s tough. Sometimes I just feel like giving up, and wonder how this can really be possible to keep up for any length of time.

The smallest things can make a difference, and it seems like one small thing has been keeping me going – ginger tea. This sounds silly until you realize that ginger tea is a remedy used for nausea in most of Latin America. It works as well as any medication I’ve had for that, and tastes good too :)

It really doesn’t matter why your stomach is unsettled – I’ve used it for the flu, migraines, traveller’s you-know-what, and medication-related queasiness – oh, and sea-sickness too. It’s WAY better than most medications out there and much easier to get.

Here’s what you do – there are two good options. First is to buy and keep around some ginger tea. This works well as long as the first ingredient is actually ginger, it has no caffeine, and is not otherwise harsh. I use a Stash tea that has ginger and lemongrass, which smells wonderful.

The second option is to use fresh ginger, which is what most Latinos do. Just slice a thin slice, place it in the bottom of your cup, fill the cup with water, and microwave for 2 minutes. Easy! Or if you don’t have a microwave, use boiling water. You can leave the slice in while you drink it.

You can add a tad of honey for flavor (especially if you have a cold or flu), but skip the milk and sugar if you’re not feeling well. It won’t help and may make the tea harder to tolerate. I’ve taken ginger tea when nothing else would stay down – and when things aren’t quite that bad, it may make other medicine or food easier to tolerate.

Hope this idea helps someone else out there, I’ve sure been glad for it myself!