Russian publishers


Just got a copy of the Russian version of my book – I really like the cover. Somehow this seems much classier than the American version of it, shown below. And it’s hardcover, even. Beautiful :) What do you think?


The two versions certainly give you a different impression. Interesting what the publishers think will sell better in different markets (authors have little to no control over the covers of their books – something that takes a LOT of getting used to!).


Welcome to LiveJournal Taro-Ru Tarot Readers!!

Suddenly there are all kinds of folks visiting my blog from a LiveJournal tarot group in Russian – and I just wanted to say Welcome! Not too long ago, my book The Complete Tarot Reader was published in Russian, and it’s exciting to see a link to my blog (along with such august company as Rachel Pollack’s blog) posted on their website. I’ll have to get on my publisher – they were supposed to send me a copy of my book in Russian (I can even read a little of it – especially knowing what it says :D) I studied Russian in high school and my first serious boyfriend was a Russian immigrant, so I was really thrilled when one of my books was chosen to be translated into Russian. I have to run out the door now – but just wanted to share with you my excitement at having all these new friends across the world :)